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Providing Thought Leadership, Education and Training on the Subjects of Enterprise Risk Management

  • Book Review:  Making ERM Pay Off

    The book, Making Enterprise Risk Management Pay Off, discusses the use of ERM for managing organizational risks and creating, protecting, and enhancing shareholder value. The book contains in-depth case analyses...

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  • Driving Need for ERM

    Many environmental forces—such as globalization, technology, the Internet, and deregulation—have created uncertainty for twenty-first century businesses. Companies therefore have to re-think business models, core strategies and customer bases....

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  • Business Risk Management in Government

    While risk management is well-established in the private sector, no generic risk management approaches are available for government entities. Due to potential pitfalls that exist in government practices, it is...

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  • Emergence of Chief Risk Officers

    Many multinational organizations are implementing comprehensive risk management programs. This shift in management is being driven by several different forces. Comprehensive risk management programs aim to identify the plethora of...

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