Management Accounting Research Series.  Durham, NC: AICPA.  February 2010. Mark Beasley, NC State University Bruce Branson, NC State University Bonnie Hancock, NC State University This second edition report from the ERM Initiative at NC State University and the AICPA provides insight on how boards and senior management teams are responding the challenges of risk oversight in the current economic state.  Increased pressures to strengthen risk oversight have pushed some management teams to implement an enterprise-wide approach to risk management while other organizations have maintained their traditional risk management procedures.  The report indicates that over 76% of respondents indicated that key risks are being communicated on an ad hoc basis at management meetings, and that almost 70% noted that management does not report the entity’s top risk exposures to the board of directors.  About half (48%) admit that they are “Not at All Satisfied” or are “Minimally” satisfied with the nature and extent of reporting to senior executives of key risk indicators. Click the link below to read the full report.