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ERM Graduate Courses Curriculum

ERM Curriculum:

  As the world becomes increasing more complex, the speed of change creates greater amounts of uncertainty that can impact (both positively and negatively) organizations overnight.  Boards and senior management teams are realizing the need to more proactively (versus reactively) manage risks to their business models and strategic plans.  Thus, risk management is becoming an expected core competency of all individuals who seek to be in executive leadership positions. 

  Unfortunately, while most undergraduate and graduate business schools educate students about specific risk issues affecting businesses today, few offer courses specifically focused on training the next generation of executives on issues affecting enterprise-wide risk management. NC State is unique in its offering of a series of courses related to ERM that builds on the ERM Initiative’s international reputation as an important thought leader on the topic of enterprise risk management. 

  Poole College of Management graduate students and other graduate students across NC State have a unique opportunity to take advantage of three courses specifically focused on enterprise risk management:

ERM Courses:

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