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ERM Faculty & Staff

Faculty in the Poole College of Management lead the ERM Initiative’s efforts to help pioneer the development of the emergent discipline of enterprise risk management (ERM) through outreach to business professionals, with its ongoing ERM Roundtable Series and ERM Executive Education for boards and senior executives; research, advancing knowledge and understanding of ERM issues; and undergraduate and graduate business education for the next generation of business executives.  Our faculty frequently work with boards of directors and senior management teams to assist them in strengthening their risk oversight processes.  Brief bios about the Initiative’s lead faculty and administrative support are included below.

Mark S. Beasley

Title: Director

Office Location: 3166 Nelson Hall

Phone: 919.515.6064

Fax: 919.515.4446

About Mark S. Beasley

Mark Beasley, KPMG Professor of Enterprise Risk Management, is the founding director of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative at NC State’s Poole College of Management. From 2004-2011, Mark served on the board for the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (widely known at COSO) and has participated in a number of other national level risk management initiatives. He served on the Advisory Council that helped develop COSO’s 2004 Enterprise Risk Management – Integrated Framework and he is now serving on the COSO Advisory Council that is working on an update revision to that framework, which was released as an Exposure Draft in June 2016.  Mark has authored over 100 articles, monographs, thought papers, and books, and he frequently works with organizations helping them advance the maturity of their ERM processes.

Bonnie Hancock

Title: Executive Director

Office Location: 3152 Nelson Hall

Phone: 919.513.7425

Fax: 919.515.4446

About Bonnie Hancock

Bonnie V. Hancock is the Executive Director of the ERM Initiative at NC State University where she also teaches graduate courses in the Poole College of Management. She currently serves on the following corporate boards: AgFirst Farm Credit Bank where she chairs the risk policy committee, and Powell Industries, a publicly traded company based in Houston, Texas, where she serves on the compensation committee. In addition, she chairs the board of Girl Scouts-North Carolina Coastal Pines, and serves on the board of the Research Triangle Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors. Her background includes various executive positions at Progress Energy where she has served as president of Progress Fuels (a Progress Energy subsidiary with more than $1 billion in assets), senior vice president of finance and information technology, vice president of strategy and vice president of accounting and controller.

Bruce C. Branson

Title: Associate Director and Editor-in-Chief of “ERM in the News”

Office Location: 3172 Nelson Hall

Phone: 919.515.4435

Fax: 919.515.4446

About Bruce C. Branson

Bruce Branson is associate director of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative at NC State’s College of Management. Bruce’s teaching and research is focused on factors that affect enterprise risk management maturity and its integration with strategy, in addition to his research related to financial reporting and the use of derivative securities and other hedging strategies for risk reduction/risk sharing. Bruce is one of the faculty who regularly teaches as part of the Initiative’s Executive Education workshops and he is the Editor-in-Chief of the ERM Initiative’s “ERM in the News” newsletter.  Bruce has developed ERM thought papers on risk reporting to boards of directors and he is one of the co-authors of the Initiative’s annual survey report on the Current State of ERM done in partnership with the AICPA. 

Donald P. Pagach

Title: Director of Research

Office Location: 3148 Nelson Hall

Phone: 919.515.4447

Fax: 919.515.4446

About Donald P. Pagach

Don Pagach serves as the director of research for the ERM Initiative in the Poole College of Management where he helps lead our ongoing research related to ERM. Don has conducted extensive academic research that examines characteristics of organizations that implement enterprise risk management and how investors in the marketplace value the embrace by organizations of ERM processes. Currently he has ongoing research projects that examine the impact of integrating an organization’s ERM processes with its focus on sustainability. Don also works closely with visiting PhD students who come to NC State to partner on research related to ERM. Don is one of the co-authors of the Initiative’s annual survey report on the Executive Perspectives on Top Risks done in partnership with Protiviti. 

Thuy Nguyen

Title: Program Manager

Office Location: 3167 Nelson Hall

Phone: 919.513.0901

Fax: 919.515.4446

About Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen serves as the Program Manager of the ERM Initiative where she provides ongoing support of all of the Initiative’s activities, including its ongoing ERM Roundtable Series, its Executive Education Workshops, the Initiative’s website, newsletters, and thought papers.  Ongoing inquiries about ERM related events and other resources can be directed to her.

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