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ERM Custom Training

Customized Enterprise Risk Management Executive Education and Risk Oversight Coaching

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Unlock the full potential of enterprise risk management (ERM) within your organization through our tailored executive education and coaching services.

We create our custom programs to align with your unique strategic and governance frameworks. From enlightening board members and senior executives about ERM fundamentals to integrating risk oversight with strategic execution, we craft each session to address the specific challenges and opportunities your organization faces.

Why Engage with NC State?

Whether you’re a public entity, a private firm, or a non-profit organization, across sectors from banking to healthcare, our tailored programs elevate risk oversight to a strategic advantage to empower your team with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of today’s business environment.

  • We dive deep, engaging with your leadership to develop a curriculum that not only educates but is also relevant to your organization’s objectives, industry specifics, and risk management aspirations.
  • Our approach includes thorough pre-session analyses to understand the risk perceptions and goals of all participants, ensuring impactful and actionable insights.
  • We provide personalized coaching and mentoring for your risk leaders, fostering an environment of continuous learning and strategic growth.

Custom Program Examples

Typically designed for audit committees and boards of directors on ERM fundamentals for board risk oversight.

Typically designed and delivered for executive leadership teams seeking to integrate strategic planning and ERM.

For all types of team and designed to highlight ERM fundamentals and initial steps for developing a sustainable ERM value-adding process.

One-on-one executive coaching to help leaders integrate ERM processes into existing strategic planning and performance management processes.

Design and implement custom surveys on behalf of management and boards about the state of risk management processes and top risk exposures facing the enterprise.

Review of existing ERM processes and generation of recommendations for strengthening the organization’s ERM approach for strategic advantage.

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