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Master of Accounting, ERM Concentration

Experience academic excellence, real-world opportunities and meaningful connections to propel your future career in accounting and business.

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In today’s dynamic environment, organizations face increasing complexity and unpredictability. Recognizing this, boards and senior management teams are shifting toward a more proactive approach to managing risks to their business models and strategic plans, which underscores the growing expectation for risk management to be a fundamental skill for all individuals who seek to be in leadership positions.

Despite the critical importance of understanding and managing enterprise-wide risk, most undergraduate and graduate business programs in accounting fall short in offering specialized training in this area. This gap leaves a pressing need for education that prepares the next wave of executives to navigate the complexities of enterprise risk management (ERM). NC State stands out by filling this void through its Jenkins Master of Accounting Program, ERM Concentration. This program leverages the ERM Initiative’s global standing as a leading authority on enterprise risk management, offering an accounting curriculum designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills essential for the future leaders in this increasingly vital field.

MAC students specializing in ERM can leverage NC State’s reputation and brand in ERM to explore career opportunities with large firms who have developed practice lines in risk advisory, or can take on risk management career opportunities in corporate and government sectors.

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