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Observations about the State of ERM:  A View From S&P

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   Don Pagach, Director of Research for the ERM Initiative at NC State University, interviews Steve Dreyer, Head of Investor Communications – Americas, S&P Global Ratings, about the state of enterprise risk management practices observed by S&P.  Over the past few years, S&P has evaluated a number of companies on “Management and Governance” as part of their credit rating evaluations, with some of those factors specifically related to the entity’s strategic planning and risk management processes. Steve provides insights about the state of ERM practices and trends over time based on their evaluations of a large number of organizations in a wide range of industries.  He shares insights about elements associated with higher levels of ERM maturity, and he provides perspectives about how ERM processes may evolve over time.

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ERM Enterprise Risk Management Initiative 2017-06-20

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