Share Your Insights on Emerging Risks for 2020!

We want your insights about emerging risks for 2020!

North Carolina State University’s Enterprise Risk Management Initiative,in partnership with Protiviti, invites you to participate in a short, focused survey on the top risks likely to affect businesses in 2020.

Our goal is to determine what executives and board members see as key risk concerns on the horizon across different industries. Please take 5-10 minutes of your time to provide your insights about the types of risks likely to affect today’s organizations and the anticipated level of severity.

Results will be analyzed in the aggregate, with no information linked to any respondent. We will distribute the report in December 2019, which should be informative as you look ahead into 2020.

Thank you,

Mark S. Beasley
Professor and Director, ERM Initiative
Poole College of Management
North Carolina State University

Participate and receive a complimentary report of the compiled data.

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