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Emerging Risk Articles

  • Crowdsourcing, A Tool to Tackle Emerging Strategic Risks

    Organizations are turning to “crowdsourcing” as part of their innovation strategy where they leverage the knowledge of “the crowd” to identify emerging trends and opportunities. A recent article in _Harvard…

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  • Using Collaboration Risk Management to Recognize Emerging Risks

    PricewaterhouseCooper recently published a research paper on systemic risk trends. The authors of the paper shed light on the many issues related to the risk mitigation capabilities of businesses for…

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  • Managing Third-Party Risk in an Increasingly Collaborative Business Landscape

    Businesses today rarely do everything in house. While outsourcing offers a number of unique advantages, those benefits may also expose the organization to a number of new risks. Relying on…

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  • Risk Management: A Driver of Enterprise Value in the Emerging Environment

    The emerging practice of enterprise risk management has created both challenges and opportunities to further enhance enterprise value. KPMG conducted a survey of CEOs, board members, and risk practitioners across…

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  • Global Emerging Risks Survey

    The Oliver Wyman Corporate Risk consulting practice conducted a global survey to assess the importance of emerging risks and how risk management teams are handling these potential risk events at…

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  • Board Risk Oversight: Adapting to Regulatory Developments and Emerging Practices

    The increased focus on corporate risk management practices in all U.S. listed companies has placed greater pressure on boards of directors and senior executives to evaluate their risk management structures. This Conference Board report provides valuable information for directors and senior executives including emerging risk management trends and an overview of the regulations related to risk management efforts.

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  • Global Emerging Risks

    Financial Times Research and Oliver Wyman recently conducted a survey of 350 executives around the world with the goal of better understanding how organizations view and respond to emerging risks. In addition, the survey highlights the effectiveness of risk identification tools and methods, as well as how risk information is communicated throughout an organization.

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  • Chief Risk Officers: Emerging Trends

    The position of Chief Risk Officer is becoming more prominent in many industries and will likely change the skills and behavior of current risk managers. Some believe that risk managers…

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  • Emerging Expectations for Alignment of Internal Audit and Risk Oversight

    This report summarizes survey responses received by PricewaterhouseCoopers from chief audit executives of Fortune 250 companies about trends affecting internal auditors by 2012, particularly related to internal audit’s role in…

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  • Emerging Trends in ERM: A Sneak Preview of COSO’s ERM Integrated Framework

    Miles Everson, project leader of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission’s (COSO’s) ERM Integrated Framework Project and partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, New York City, provided insights at the September 17, 2004 Roundtable about emerging ERM trends and underlying drivers in the development of COSO’s Enterprise Risk Management – Integrated Framework released in September 2004.

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