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  • Managing the Unexpected

    The Quarterly Journal of the EDS Agility Alliance recently published an article titled, Unwelcome Surprises, that discusses the dangers that can evolve from having a decentralized business structure that does...

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  • The 2006 Oversight Systems Financial Executive Report on Risk Management

    "The market may reward companies who take strategic risks, but many executives are discovering the consequences of overlooking their day-to-day operational risks. As companies place a greater emphasis on managing...

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  • Conference Board Releases Research Report About Boards and ERM

    The Conference Board issued a July 2006 research report, “The Role of U.S. Corporate Boards in Enterprise Risk Management,” that provides insights about board of director perspectives on their role...

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  • Internal Auditing’s Role in ERM

    Internal auditors need to be actively involved in the ERM process at organizations. Seven valid or legitimate ERM-related responsibilities internal auditors can have are discussed.

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  • Integrating Compliance and Ethics in Risk Assessment Agenda

    Since the publicity of numerous corporate scandals, the interest in compliance and ethics has created an important role for senior management to incorporate preventive maintenance measures for risk assessment and...

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  • CROs (Chief Risk Officer) Challenged by IT Risks

    The white paper focuses on the increasing dependency companies have on IT processes and the new challenges placed on CROs. Senior executives at various industries were asked to provide insight...

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  • Role of the Chief Risk Officer

    The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) is rapidly becoming one of the most crucial members of the management team. CROs are involved with managing many types of risks faced by a...

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  • Practical Insights for Launching ERM

    Barbara Duck, Senior Executive Vice President in the Risk Management Department at BB&T Corporation, and Melodye Tomlin, Senior Vice President and ERM Coordinator at BB&T Corporation, spoke at...

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  • Survey Data: ERM Trends

    This study provides data obtained from surveys of nearly 1400 chief executive officers (CEOs) about risk trends and related expectations for effective ERM practices. With CEOs note that they are more...

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  • Internal Audit’s Role:  Fraud and Reputation Risks

    Now there is more pressure than ever on executive management and internal auditors to mitigate corporate fraud and misconduct. Even though senior management most likely has direct antifraud responsibility, internal...

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  • Using Technology to Support ERM:  A Case Study

    Companies face added complexity to overall risks threatening an enterprise. Management needs a risk management program that is complete and proactive toward risk. This article highlights steps that Zions Bancorporation...

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  • Benefits of Managed Risks

    When companies don’t guard themselves against substantial risks, the outcome can easily produce a damaged reputation. However, risk management should not discourage growth through eliminating risks, but the reverse...

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  • Risk Gaps-Demand for ERM

    Enterprise Risk Management programs can help close the huge gap in communication among executives and business unit leaders. Senior management and the board of directors’ involvement with risk assessment plays...

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  • Driving Need for ERM

    Many environmental forces—such as globalization, technology, the Internet, and deregulation—have created uncertainty for twenty-first century businesses. Companies therefore have to re-think business models, core strategies and customer bases....

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  • Emergence of Chief Risk Officers

    Many multinational organizations are implementing comprehensive risk management programs. This shift in management is being driven by several different forces. Comprehensive risk management programs aim to identify the plethora of...

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