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  • Embedding ERM: 2008 Global Insurance Sector Survey Results

    More than 350 Chief Financial Officers, Chief Actuaries and Chief Risk Officers responded to a global ERM survey of the insurance industry which found that European insurers are more advanced…

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  • Model Risk Management for Financial Service Firms

    The topic of model risk management currently stands at the forefront of risk management for many financial service firms. During these uncertain times, many challenges have arisen with regards to…

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  • Does ERM Matter?: Enterprise Risk Management in the Insurance Industry

    The recent upheaval in the banking industry, which is heavily regulated and an early adopter of enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies, has caused other businesses to question the efficacy of…

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  • Insurance Companies’ ERM Ratings

    Standard & Poor’s has spent a significant amount of time developing criteria for and measuring the effectiveness of insurance providers’ enterprise risk management (ERM) systems. Recently, they have focused on European insurance companies. They find that the state of ERM practices in Europe may best be described as adequate for a large majority of European insurers.

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  • ERM at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

    This is an examination of an implementation of an ERM discipline in one of the Federal Reserve Banks. It demonstrates a possible model where financial performance targets are not the…

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  • Insurers Discover ERM Isn’t Just for Banks Anymore

    The Conference Board issued a July 2006 research report, “The Role of U.S. Corporate Boards in Enterprise Risk Management,” that provides insights about board of director perspectives on their role…

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  • The Orange Book: Management of Risk – Principles and Concepts

    The original Orange Book was published by the British government in 2001 to promote more robust risk management practices in government sectors. Since 2001, organizations have begun to now have…

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  • Using Technology to Support ERM:  A Case Study

    Companies face added complexity to overall risks threatening an enterprise. Management needs a risk management program that is complete and proactive toward risk. This article highlights steps that Zions Bancorporation took to develop an application to facilitate risk management.

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  • Business Risk Management in Government

    While risk management is well-established in the private sector, no generic risk management approaches are available for government entities. Due to potential pitfalls that exist in government practices, it is…

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