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Risk Management Plan Articles

  • Achieving Synergies with ERM and Internal Audit

    Achieving Synergies with ERM and Internal Audit

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  • Risk Assessment from COSO’s Perspective

    Organizations are constantly searching for ways to create and add value to their companies. As a function of risk and return, value is integral for an organization’s success. Management...

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  • COSO’s Take on the Three Lines of Defense

    As risks begin to threaten the achievement of company objectives, senior management must determine the appropriate way to respond. In many instances, management decides to rely on the Committee of...

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  • Conducting Scenario Planning Workshops

    Don Pagach, Director of Research for the ERM Initiative at NC State University, interviews Claudio Martinez de la Vega, Director, Enterprise Risk Management Director at IBM, about the reasons behind...

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  • Evaluating Impact of Compensation Plans

    The current economic climate is an opportune time for employers to determine if compensation practices are properly aligned with market practices and the organization’s business strategy. A six-step process...

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  • Scenario Planning: Worth the Benefits

    The Conference Board recently issued thought guidance designed to highlight the benefits of conducting robust and value-adding scenario planning sessions. While scenario planning may appear relatively simple, there are certain...

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  • Role of Risk Managers and Continuity Planning

    Risk management executives have come to the realization that a cohesive corporate risk management strategy is needed in their companies. They are becoming more involved with business continuity planning and...

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  • Integrating Business Continuity Planning and ERM at Fidelity

    Providing investment services for individuals and organizations around the world requires the delivery of real-time investment information on a 24 by 7 basis, 365 days a year. Failure to maintain technology systems for...

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  • Intersection of Strategic Planning and Risk Management

    Michael Raynor, Distinguished Fellow, Deloitte Consulting and author of The Strategy Paradox and The Innovator’s Solution, explored the relationship between strategic commitment and risk management in determining whether a...

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  • ERM-Benefits for Strategic Planning

    The Quarterly Journal of the EDS Agility Alliance recently published an article titled, Coming of Age: As Enterprise Risk Management Matures, So Does Its Value in Strategic Planning, to emphasize...

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