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  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)

    The article titled One for Three provides an interesting perspective for companies using automation for their governance, risk management, and compliance concerns. Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) software has...

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  • Linking Governance to Strategy

    Finance professionals should play a key role in corporate governance, including connecting corporate governance to performance metrics and daily operations. This article examines an example of such a role in...

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  • Political Risks

    Internal Auditor recently published an article titled, Assessing Political Risks, that discusses the role of chief audit executives (CAEs) as they face challenges such as unstable global markets. The article...

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  • Managing Risks and the Strategic Advantages

    The article focuses on the importance of diagnostic tools used in managing risks and the need for a holistic methodology such as ERM for providing businesses with a strategic advantage. ...

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  • How Much is Reputation Worth to Your Corporation?

    The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) recently issued a report highlighting the value of corporate reputation for businesses today. The report covers key advantages of maintaining a strong corporate...

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  • Cultivating Risk Intelligence for Competitive Advantage

    Risk intelligence requires organizations to consider both unrewarded risks, taken primarily for value protection, as well as rewarded risks, taken to drive value creation. Risk management has been increasing in...

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  • ERM Strategy: Create and Safeguard Stakeholder Value

    The May 2007 issue of Strategic Finance cover story article, “Strategic Risk Management: Creating and Protecting Value,” illustrates the importance of integrating an enterprise-wide view of risks into all aspects of...

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  • Managing the Unexpected

    The Quarterly Journal of the EDS Agility Alliance recently published an article titled, Unwelcome Surprises, that discusses the dangers that can evolve from having a decentralized business structure that does...

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  • Strategy-Risk Focused Organization

    To implement an enterprise risk management approach, organizations should consider the eight components of the ERM model. Factors important to successful ERM implementation include the internal environment of an organization,...

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  • Functioning Jointly:  ERM and Balanced Scorecards

    The article titled Working Hand in Hand: Balanced Scorecards and Enterprise Risk Management brings together the benefits and rationale for looking at ERM and balanced scorecards jointly. Not only can...

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  • Integrating Compliance and Ethics in Risk Assessment Agenda

    Since the publicity of numerous corporate scandals, the interest in compliance and ethics has created an important role for senior management to incorporate preventive maintenance measures for risk assessment and...

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  • Expanding ERM to Embrace Strategic Risk

    Firms are insured against the usual risks but they are not protected against strategic risks. By using enterprise risk management techniques to identify strategic risks, firms can use countermeasures for...

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  • Outsourcing Decisions:  Taking an ERM Approach

    Before outsourcing a business process or function, it is essential to assess the associated risks from an enterprise-wide risk management perspective. Poorly managed outsourcing decisions may ultimately increase, rather than...

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  • Assessing Risks Before Outsourcing

    Strategic Finance published an article titled, “Outsourcing? At your Own Risk,” providing statistics supporting an increase in the outsourcing of various business functions and the potential risks facing the enterprise. ...

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  • Driving Need for ERM

    Many environmental forces—such as globalization, technology, the Internet, and deregulation—have created uncertainty for twenty-first century businesses. Companies therefore have to re-think business models, core strategies and customer bases....

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