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  • A Manager’s Framework To Behavioral Strategy

    Understanding how employees and consumers make decisions on a daily basis can significantly improve a manager’s chances of achieving critical business objectives. However, in attempting to apply key learnings from…

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  • A Risk Manager’s Role in Strategic Leadership

    A misalignment of risk priorities often exists between the risk manager and the executive decision makers. What can risk managers do to help them establish their significance and contribution to the organization? As in almost any emerging field, risk management requires effective communication and robust contribution from all parties in order to extract the most value for the organization.

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  • Throwing Caution to the Wind: Effects of CEO Stock Option Pay

    CEO compensation over the years has increasingly become a hot topic. As such, researchers have been studying executive compensation for some time to better understand the relationship between CEO pay…

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  • ERM Needs a Strategic Risk Leader

    The baton is often passed among different individuals as organizations try to assign leadership to the organization’s risk oversight process. For organizations that merely see risk management as a compliance…

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  • An ERM Leader’s Strategy For Success

    Leading a risk management process is a daunting task, as it often requires new demands on resources and changes in processes, which leads to resistance from employees and management. The…

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  • Role of Risk Managers and Continuity Planning

    Risk management executives have come to the realization that a cohesive corporate risk management strategy is needed in their companies. They are becoming more involved with business continuity planning and helping with preparedness, mitigation, and recovery for operations.

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  • Risk Managers Should Have Been Better Prepared

    A risk manager at a large global bank explains how he did not expect the economy to take a turn for the worse. Since the economy was doing so well,…

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