The AICPA’s Business, Industry & Government Team commissioned faculty in the ERM Initiative to develop case study illustrations of how organizations have successfully launched ERM.  Case Studies on ERM Implementations: Practical Illustrations for Launching Effective Enterprise Risk Oversight contains one extensive case study example, plus two additional abbreviated case study examples, based on ERM implementations in real-world organizations.

The first case study provides a detailed analysis of the launch of ERM at Brentwood Real Estate Investments, Inc. (Brentwood), a New York Stock Exchange registrant in the commercial real estate business operating in the Southwest.  Although Brentwood is a hypothetical entity, this case illustration of ERM at Brentwood is based on the authors’ work with actual companies implementing ERM. The approaches and templates provided in this case are examples they have observed in their work with numerous organizations over time. The case study tells the story of how ERM was first launched at Brentwood and provides a step-by-step description of the ERM process used in the first year to identify the company’s most important strategic risks.

The other two cases included after the Brentwood case provide brief highlights of two additional ERM implementations. One of the cases features the launch of ERM at RTI International, a not-for profit organization based in Raleigh, NC. The other short case illustration is of Goodwin Construction Company, a hypothetical, private, family-owned construction company based in Nashville, TN.