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ERM Frameworks and Best Practices

2023 Global State of Risk Oversight: Managing the Rapidly Evolving Landscape

The ERM Initiative, in partnership with the AICPA & CIMA, is pleased to provide its 2023 Global State of Risk Oversight Report that provides insights about the state of risk oversight practices in organizations around the globe.  This report contains data from 983 executives around the world reflecting the nature of risk management practices at a global level, with specific reporting of information across four separate geographic regions:

  • Europe and the U.K.
  • Asia & Australasia
  • Africa & the Middle East
  • United States

Room for Improvements in Risk Management Practices

The report reveals that while executives recognize that the volume and complexities of risks are increasing extensively, overall maturity of risk management practices across organizations around the world is lacking.  That represents a significant disconnect between risk realities and risk management capabilities. There is room for improvement.

ERM Benchmarking Data

The report summarizes the state of maturity related to a number of elements important to effective enterprise risk oversight among organizations competing in today’s highly dynamic, ever-changing business environment. Readers can use this report to benchmark numerous aspects about their organization’s risk oversight processes.

ERM Diagnostic Questions

Scattered throughout the report are a number of thought questions for readers to assess their organization’s risk management approach.  At the end of the report, there are 10 Diagnostic Questions that can be used to foster discussions and dialogue among business executives and boards about opportunities to enhance strategic insights that can be garnered from a strategically focused and robust risk management process.

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