Enterprise Risk Management Initiative, Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University

Providing Thought Leadership, Education and Training on the Subjects of Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management Measurement Tools

College of Management Faculty: Paul Bergey and Al Chen
Targeted offering: Spring 2010

Overview of course from faculty course submittal

This course combines qualitative and quantitative approaches to measuring and managing organizational risk. Our vision for the course is that it will explore techniques used to:

  • Identify and measure risk from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives.
  • Integrate measurement tools often associated with finance, statistics, and economics to explore how common risk management techniques could be applied to other more challenging risk categories including operational and strategic risk.
  • Explore effective techniques for conducting qualitative assessments by leveraging qualitative techniques used in marketing, technology transfer, and human resources to develop alternative qualitative assessment tools.
  • The primary tools for the course will be the Vanguard System and Crystal Ball Simulation.

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